Drunks, Make Sure To Avoid Flying Icelandair

Welp, cancel my Brennivin binge drinking expedition with Bjork in Reykjavik (the capital of Iceland.) Iceland’s Airline, Icelandair has no patience for drunken shenanigans. The internets came forth with comedy gold this fine Friday, but unfortunately…the haha’s are at the expense of … Continue reading

Tater Peelin’ Tuesday: Tricked Out Orthopedics!

Tricked Out Orthopedics  (That’s How The Tater Rolls…well, that and a very sensible mini-van) The ‘Tater is not only willing to tackle making yum-yums on a shoe-string budget in the kitchen, but I have also been known to turn out a … Continue reading

Tron Guy is gonna make you smile on this Tues-the-Extreme Day!

If you are unaware of Jay Maynard, all you need to know is he is the “Tron Guy.” Here’s Jay explaining himself in his own words. (Um WTF was he talking about with the 3-D figures floating in space, and internet neutrality? … Continue reading