How to Dismantle an American Hero With One Slice of Pie

  Well, HELLO THERE, TURKEYS! Your dearest friend, Cribsy has been recovering from another wonderful trip to the family ranch in Erath County, Texas. If Erath County sounds familiar to you, it’s because that’s where American Sniper Chris Kyle was … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Life In Ebola Central

Life In Ebola Central This post is inspired by a couple of co-workers that had a real issue while discussing the ebola “outbreak” in Dallas in an attempt to determine whether Africa was a country or a continent. As an … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Hey Hey, JFK

Hey hey, JFK I just talked to a co-worker about certain details of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and it was odd because he apparently didn’t know very many details. Then I thought, “Well, hell, he was born in … Continue reading

TLC is Developing a Reality Show Called: “Best Funeral Ever” (Of Course They Are)

A long time ago, the government created a television station aimed at educating citizens, Uncle Sam aptly named it, “The Learning Channel.” For years it offered the mild, classroom-ready programming one would expect from a Learning Channel. Then it became … Continue reading

Post on Request: Oh sweet Jeebus, he requested “Sports.”

  Well, I’m back from my journey on the bullet train to heck, AKA all day on the road with Angry Baby, and while I’ll soon regale my tale of torture and terror, I owe a certain CAPTION THIS CONTEST … Continue reading