Give Your Mom’s Face a South Korean Vacation

I’ve been a makeup maven since 12, back when I discovered that red lipstick made my beady little blue eyes pop. Over the years, I’ve witnessed every trend, studied thousands of labels, tried everything, and given away more product than you’ll ever buy. It’s … Continue reading

The Sweet Smell of Evil: Disney Villain Perfume Bottles

My entire life I’ve rooted for the bad guy. As a toddler, I can vividly recall hating every Disney movie because all of my favorite characters, the Villains, lost and often died. Some would say that I’m pro-baddie because I myself … Continue reading

Extreme Evil (And Beauty)

It’s a burning question that ne’er do wells and evil folks like yours truly ask ourselves everyday: “What if the Disney Villains had won?” Since I was a toddler, I’ve identified and rooted for the bad guy, why…I’ve even got an extensive collection … Continue reading