Hedge Fund Fat Cat Hires Famous Hedgehog for the Day

Hey there little starsailor, havin’ a bad day? Worry not, your ol’ pal Cribsy is here to share a tale about someone who’s definitely more pathetic than you or I could ever be. Meet Steve Cohen. Billionaire Steve Cohen is … Continue reading

Hero Worship.

Yesterday’s TUES-the-Extreme day had much to celebrate, for starters, www.grouchymuffin.com published its 500th post yesterday (!!!!!) That’s right, you now have no excuse to be bored while standing in line or sitting waiting anywhere. With over 500 posts, you have plenty to read, … Continue reading

As a budding Supervillain, I feel I must say something.

It should come as no surprise to you that I have always rooted for the bad guy.  I can remember ruining an ENTIRE SCREENING of The Secret of Nimh, when I was a toddler. How? When the bad guy died … Continue reading