Get Ready To Fall in Love With These Classy Mothers

Be still my heart, these women truly put the selfie in selfless motherhood. Light a candle for humanity, and say a prayer for all of these kids, for they’ll forever be explaining why Mom is drunk twerking while covered in stripper … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Explaining to People Why I Don’t Have Cable

Explaining to people why I don’t have cable If I knew not having cable television would cause me such grief, I’d probably just go ahead and subscribe … or lie. Lately, nothing has caused more heads to turn or jaws … Continue reading

Lazy or Life Changing: You Decide!

Today is either the greatest day of your natural life, or it’s the day when you permanently throw the peace sign at humanity. Youtuber and inventor, Ben Heck has created a piece of technology that is a TRUE MARVEL OF … Continue reading