Post By Mad Dad: Hey Hey, JFK

Hey hey, JFK I just talked to a co-worker about certain details of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and it was odd because he apparently didn’t know very many details. Then I thought, “Well, hell, he was born in … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: My Drunken Interview

  What we talk about when we talk about drunk driving while drunk (A Post By Mad Dad)   It started innocently. “May be getting a drink after work if you’re interested.” This narrative ends poorly.     I go … Continue reading

Okay rest of the World, Dallas is Owning YOU.

  I am not a professional sportsy type, I’m about in the Pleistocene epoch* when it comes to my sports news. But, from what I gather crazyasabedbug Mark Cuban can pass out some “Cuban” cigars (crowd groans) today. Notice that so … Continue reading