Old Timey Tinder: Completely Suitable For Work

As often people do, I have a hoarded up treasure-trove of great memories from holiday season 2015. One of my favorites, I’m not really at liberty to discuss, but I’ll give you nosey tramps a vague idea. Let’s just say … Continue reading

2013 Will Be The Year Of The Cage

For those of you new to this clap-trap hobo parlor of a website, let me bring you up to speed on a little fact about yours truly. Actually, it’s about my Dad. He’s a no-nonsense fellow with a very dry … Continue reading

This is going to stab you in the heart with AWESOME.

You can thank lover fo’ life for this clip, well, lover fo’ life and his weekly ritual of going to the “Butterfinger sponsored Yahoo Videos” page to see cute videos. Every week, while I troll for dipwads, he watches puppies cavorting with … Continue reading

Robin Williams just got Cool again in my book.

Well, it’s the afternoon of humpday, we are OFFICIALLY CLOSER to the weekend, the FATHER’S DAY WEEKEND, so it’s only fitting we start our “Dad’s Doin’ it Baby-Style 2011 Father’s day Jamboree” off RIGHT NOW!!!!  Oh my gosh y’all I … Continue reading