60-Year-Old-Girl Meme is the Newest and Greatest of ALL TIME

Monday night redditor, Beerdrummer, posted an old elementary school photo of his wife with the caption: “My wife looked like a 60 year old woman as a child.” Because the internets can be magic and hilarious when they want to be, … Continue reading

Happy Friday: Let’s Get Bombed

There are few things in this world more unintentionally hilarious than a photo bomb. When done right, unsuspecting photography subjects are treated to priceless moments, frozen in time. Earlier this week, a man-made internet glory by awkwardly photo bombing a marriage proposal at … Continue reading

Jimmy Kimmel will make you hate/love Children all over again.

The Truth: If sweater kid, aka “Evil Manny from Modern Family,” sprang from my loins, he’d be getting a SLAP for christmas. Not even kidding. Some of the parents need to take every gift “Santa” planned on stuffing under the Christmas … Continue reading