Cupcakes: You’re Doing It Wrong.

Make a note of today. The date you are reading this post needs to be etched in your memory forever. Until now, each and every one of you have been eating cupcakes incorrectly. Leave it to our friends at I … Continue reading

These Are the Days: The Automatic Cupcake Machine

In the 1980’s the world was dazzled by the Automatic Teller Machine, an invention that literally changed the way Americans lived. Now, the year 2012 will go down as the greatest year in the history of humankind. The Beverly Hills … Continue reading

It’s time to announce our CAPTION THIS Contest Winners!!!

“Guess the tryptophan does more than make you sleepy??” – Raye Runners up: “C*ckgobbler” – Thane “Warning! This cake tastes like d*ck!” – Chi Town “They always did look a bit like plucked turkey necks to me… Well, the ones … Continue reading