Fine Art Has Never Been More Hilarious

Pinkies up, y’all! We’re about to get some culture and class delivered hot n’ fresh by the Art World.   Los Angeles based Gallery 1988, is the go-to place for the latest in pop cultural art pieces. From Arrested Development … Continue reading

Pee Wee Herman is Hittin’ the Movie Theatres Again (Not what it sounds like!)

In 1985 Paul Ruebens and a plucky young director named Tim Burton teamed up  to give the world, “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.”One of the greatest cinematic gifts in the history of film. The movie, from the awe-inspiring breakfast machine, to … Continue reading

Gimmie Gimmie, I Need: Kevlar Socks

Happy Hump Day you beautiful reader! If you’re like me, you’ve had a real turd of a week so far and the fact that it’s merely mid-week is soul crushing. Forget Wednesday being a hump, today is a mountain. Good thing I … Continue reading

Daydreaming Turns You Real Smart-Like

Awwwww Yeah Babies! It’s TUES-the-Extreme Day, the day you and I devote to LIVING LIFE IN THE EXTREME! Whatever you do today, be EXTREME! This fine TUES-the-Extreme Day, I’ve got some extremely WONDERFUL NEWS! It’s going to change the way co-workers, teachers and family … Continue reading