They’re Bringing Back CRYSTAL PEPSI (Children of the 90’s Rejoice!)

Crystal Pepsi, AKA clear liquid nectar of the GODS, was introduced to the American Marketplace in late 1992. The crisp beverage had a wealth of marketing and advertising bucks behind it. Unfortunately, the color-free drink was ahead of its time, … Continue reading

Nicolas Cage + Crystal Pepsi =The Most Glamorous Jacket in the World

Last night while you slept the sleep of the righteous, you were being righteously screwed over.¬†The¬†world’s most exquisite, beautiful and PERFECT Jacket was sold for $199.99 on eBay. For its description the seller, jacobwrf (more like, jacobWTF) wrote: “This is … Continue reading

Catching up on yesterday

Yesterday, despite the CRUSHING protest many of us took place in there were SEVERAL items just itching for me to crack wise about, seeing as no one likes to live in the past, I’ll just do a QUICK run through… … Continue reading