Huey Lewis and the New Corolla

Where were you on February 21st, 2013? Me? I haven’t a clue. All I know is there’s a 99% chance I was gorging on old Valentine’s candy, but other than that? I’m drawing a blank. 1980’s and Dad Rock Icon, Huey … Continue reading

Warm Your Heart (Even If You Don’t Have One)

Normally, my shriveled tiny black organ of a heart is as cold as an Alaskan Outhouse. But not today. This morning, I’m crying like a newborn after reading a story out of Roanoke, Virginia. Meet College Student Jordan Addison: Jordan attends … Continue reading

You Meet the Nicest People at Wal-Mart

Every one of you reading this need to step up your swagger. Because NONE of you sluts have the SOLID GOLD GAME of Langley South Carolina’s very own Joey William Leaphart. Maybe it’s just the 12-year-old in me, but does anyone else notice … Continue reading

After School Special: In the Knock of Time

99% of the time, this clap-trap chuckle hut is a real joke a thon. Every now and then, because this IS a personal blog and ol’ Cribsy DOES have actual issues, I write a serious post. One that is a … Continue reading