Glazed and Confused: Super Creepy Ceramic Sculptures

  Danish sculptor Maria Rubinke has a talent with pottery, creating intricate pieces that rival some of the finest ceramic works in the world. But your rich aunt Lucretia won’t be collecting any of Maria’s artwork anytime soon because Ms. Rubinke also makes … Continue reading

Mysterious Lake Turns Every Animal That Touches it to Stone

Lake Natron in Tanzania is a big time stoner. However, unlike your old roommate in college, this stoner isn’t an easygoing cool dude chock-full of burnout wisdom with an affinity for late night fast food runs. Nope, Lake Natron is a … Continue reading

I’ve Never Been Happier to be OLD: The 2013 VMAs in a Nutshell

True story, I had planned to get lit up like a Christmas tree and hate-watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night. Matter of fact, I skipped sneaking my flask into a movie theatre on Saturday afternoon because I was saving … Continue reading

Happy Halloween, y’all! (No, it’s not too early!)

(Crib Keeper cheerily singing to herself) “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Halloween, everywhere I go…” Hello there babies! I trust you are having a wonderful day. I’ll bet most people are having a fabulous day simply because … Continue reading