Out of Africa Part Six: Schooled

Schooled I sat on the cool concrete of the porch and watched the sun begin to rise through the misty tree line; it was still too early for company, so I savored my cup of FabBab’s patented full-throttle sludge coffee … Continue reading

Snoop Dogg is Now Reggae Artist, Snoop Lion

In a progression that should surprise no one, Snoop Dogg the doggfather, AKA king of smoking reefer is dropping a Regae album called “Reincarnated.” Oh yeah, and he’s going by “Snoop Lion” now. Here’s Snoop Lion’s debut track, “La La La.” Not … Continue reading

Here’s a Crab I Wouldn’t Mind Getting (Not What it Sounds Like!)

It’s no secret, the Lego is the world’s perfect toy. Sure they can be murder on your soles, but that’s the bricks. Harry agrees with me. Say hello to Harry the hermit crab, he lives at Legoland in Windsor, Berkshire, and … Continue reading

Daydreaming Turns You Real Smart-Like

Awwwww Yeah Babies! It’s TUES-the-Extreme Day, the day you and I devote to LIVING LIFE IN THE EXTREME! Whatever you do today, be EXTREME! This fine TUES-the-Extreme Day, I’ve got some extremely WONDERFUL NEWS! It’s going to change the way co-workers, teachers and family … Continue reading