What a Load of Crap: Japanese Museum Exhibit All About Poop

Happy Monday, y’all! Kiss your awesome weekend goodbye and say hello to 5 days of soul crushing drudgery. But just because you feel like a pile of dog turds and your attitude is in the crapper, it doesn’t mean you can’t … Continue reading

12 WTF Signs That Actually Exist (And Bring the LOLZ)

Signs. Where would we be today without them? Less bossed around, that’s for sure. Let’s take a look at twelve examples of modern signery that prove we’re all pretty much doomed.   First up, it’s the sign you were begging to read outside … Continue reading

Hollywood needs a plumber.

What’s that horrid stench of crap!? Did my sewer line backup again? (See post: I can assure you, your weekend was better than mine) Oh no, it’s just Hollywood punishing us again with another TURD. In the latest assault on … Continue reading

I can promise you’re having a better day than me.

Angry Baby is unexpectedly spending the day with granny. Lover fo Life and I are no longer going to a super sweet birthday party tonight for Jojo. Why? Because my bathroom  is filled with raw sewage. The toilet exploded. My bathtub … Continue reading