THIS IS ART: Dirty Abandoned Mattress Gets an Extreme Makeover

Artist Bryan Lewis Saunders reached internet fame and glory last year when his “Self-Portraits on Drugs“ became a sensation. The series chronicled Bryan’s varied dalliances with specific illicit substances, here’s my favorite from the series, it’s his Self Portrait on Adderall, a popular ADHD … Continue reading

Happy Schoolin’ Texas!

Today is the day that MOST Texas schools are BACK IN SESSION. Parents are weeping, tears of joy and sobs of “Where did the time go!?” Me? I’m bummed the traffic will be kicking back up, but I’m also filled with glee. You see, … Continue reading

Foxy Senior Citizens of the World, this one’s for YOU!

I’ll bet you didn’t know, but STD’s among the elderly is a nationwide issue. Thanks to boner enhancing advances in modern medicine (and better health,) old folks are gettin’ it on more often and with more partners, one problem: they’ve been … Continue reading

So it’s Come to This: Zac Efron’s Condom Conundrum

You know you’ve done something truly special with your life, when you receive messages like this in the wee hours of the morning: “So, Zac Efron dropped a condom at the premiere of The Lorax. I’m sure you’re already on it…” As … Continue reading