Conan Becomes a Texas Deputy, Hilarity Hits Illegal Levels

All week Conan O’Brien has been broadcasting his show from Dallas. The pasty folk hero has been enjoying our fair state, this week he’s taken a “Texas Citizenship Test” from Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki, and become a Mary Kay Consultant … Continue reading

The Following Was So Funny, I Cried

Conan did this past week of shows in Chicago, while there he had 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer, a person he dubbed: “the nicest guy in the world,” visit Chicago’s legendary Weiner’s Circle. What happened Afterwards will have you seeing stars from oxygen depletion. … Continue reading

Anchorman Fans, REJOICE!

I’m a self-confessed Will Ferrell fanatic, have been since he was on SNL. Yeah, I know it’s cool to hate on anyone who rakes in the cash for bringing the ha-has to the silver screen, but I can’t say anything negative … Continue reading

Triumph + Louis CK + A REAL WEDDING = Greatest episode of Conan, ever.

Last night you missed a heckuva episode of Conan, good thing I’m here to break down the gems for you… For those of you not hip to the red-haired maven that is Conan O’Brien and his television show on TBS, I say: … Continue reading

Conan finally has words to his theme music!!!!

Look, it’s just too beautiful and FUN today to be cooped up jamming out the ha-ha’s. Lover fo’ Life, Angry Baby and El Rey have booked a last-minute holiday getaway to….our backyard!!!!!! I’m quitting this snitch for now, and hitting the swim … Continue reading