Conan Becomes a Texas Deputy, Hilarity Hits Illegal Levels

All week Conan O’Brien has been broadcasting his show from Dallas. The pasty folk hero has been enjoying our fair state, this week he’s taken a “Texas Citizenship Test” from Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki, and become a Mary Kay Consultant … Continue reading

Funny, Hot, or Both? News Anchor Brian Williams Raps Good Vibrations

I’ve got to hand it to Jimmy Fallon. Prior to inheriting Late Night from Conan O’Brien, I wasn’t much of a fan. To me, he was merely the dude who couldn’t stay in character on Saturday Night Live. Sure, he … Continue reading

Larry the Puking Robot (Alternate Title: Robo-Vomit)

What is it about puking that’s so hilarious? (When it’s not you, of course.) Science knows what I’m talking ’bout!! Say hello to my new favorite robot/future overlord, Vomiting Larry. He’s the world’s first PROJECTILE VOMIT ON COMMAND ROBOT, Y’ALL! The geniuses … Continue reading

Harrison Ford only speaks the truth.

Remember that bowel movement of a movie Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull? Yeah, I’ve pretty much forgotten it too. Well, after the movie was long gone Shia LeBeouf came out and criticized the flick. At the time I was very relieved … Continue reading