The Following Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Believe it or not, even budding super villains tear up sometimes. This morning, I was reduced to a lip-quivering, snot bustin,’ blubbering, gold-heart after watching the following video. YouTube User MidwestCurrans explains it all in the video’s description: “Matt has Spastic CP, … Continue reading

Bad News and Sad News

Greetings Friday revelers, I’m in the midst of lugging, hauling and moving all of my belongings into our new house. Yours truly is covered in an inch of dirt and is beginning to smell like a men’s locker room. I ‘ve got quite a harrowing tale of … Continue reading

Parents Ruin Everything!

Folks in a Colorado neighborhood have cancelled their yearly Easter Egg hunt for kiddies. Seems the running, yelling, pushing and greedy grabbing, was just too much. No, kids weren’t responsible for the aggressive behavior, it was the parents who were to blame. … Continue reading

Post on Request: Ron F*cking Swanson

Pretty in Pinot won last week’s round of Caption This. For those of you new to our clap-trap hobo parlor of a website, the prize was she could give me a topic, that I would then whittle into a hilarious post just … Continue reading

Steinbeck’s Epic Texas Quote

  I’ll admit, the title of this post mimic’s that of one written by an English Teacher trying to trick her students into reading John Steinbeck. But seeing as today is TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY, this post is merely trying to trick … Continue reading

Post on Request: Thoughts on the current state of TV.

For those of you living under a rock, last Friday I unveiled our 2nd Caption this contest. After a ton of comedic gems dropped on the comments section, reader Mark was judged to be the winner. The prize? A post on … Continue reading