Grey Poupon is Bringing Back The ‘Pardon Me’ Ads (For Me to Poop on)

The 1980’s were a golden time for many things: Children’s Breakfast Cereals, shoulder pads and Ad Slogans. Consider this: “Where’s the beef?, I want my MTV! and I’ve Fallen and I can’t get up!” were all Ad-Slogans birthed during the 80’s.   … Continue reading

Greatest Pizza Jingle, Ever

Might as well fire all of the actors hoofing it on the great white way (aka Broadway.) While you’re at it, go ahead and pink slip all the SAG card carriers too. Why? Because every actor in the world looks like … Continue reading

Bottle-Buggering Beetles Be Rocking That Booty! (cringe)

In Australia, the Jewel Beetle is dying off at a rapid rate. The male Jewel Beetles are screwing themselves to death, quite literally. Every dude in the world is fist bumping these beetles. You see, they have a problem with … Continue reading

Tron Guy is gonna make you smile on this Tues-the-Extreme Day!

If you are unaware of Jay Maynard, all you need to know is he is the “Tron Guy.” Here’s Jay explaining himself in his own words. (Um WTF was he talking about with the 3-D figures floating in space, and internet neutrality? … Continue reading