If You’ve Ever Watched NBC’s the Office, I’m About to Blow Your Mind

Like many folks out there, I’ve casually been a fan of NBC’s The Office off and on for years. One of my favorite characters is Phyllis Lapin Vance, the mild-mannered sex kitten with a penchant for taking her co-worker’s abuse. She’s a solid … Continue reading

If You Laugh at Only One Chubby Kid Today…

It’s a good thing I never had a Bat Mitzvah. Because if I had, there would be an embarrassing video of me dancing/singing to whatever awful 1990’s trash I was into at the time. Luckily in 1992, Shaun Sperling had … Continue reading

Know Your Price!

Used car dealer, George Cascone is my hero. In addition to being a stone-cold silver fox, George knows his worth. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Back in 2010, the Kansas City man’s ex-wife hired a hitman to murder him. Dorothy Cascone offered to pay her … Continue reading

Fred Willard Arrested For “Pulling A Pee Wee”

As a massive Christopher Guest Fan, and a lover of fine character actors, Fred Willard is a household name to me. Though I imagine some of you reading this post have no clue who he is, I can assure you, you’ve … Continue reading

The Following Was So Funny, I Cried

Conan did this past week of shows in Chicago, while there he had 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer, a person he dubbed: “the nicest guy in the world,” visit Chicago’s legendary Weiner’s Circle. What happened Afterwards will have you seeing stars from oxygen depletion. … Continue reading

Post On Request: Cribsy’s Top Ten Favorite Flicks

Reader Taryn R. won our latest round of Caption This, and gave me the following topic: “your top 10 favorite movies of all time and why” Being as I’m never one to shy away from talking about myself, I am … Continue reading

Here Comes Our Caption This Winners!

“Who does that Ho Ho think she is wearing white?!?”- A-Ball   Runner Up: “Six months later, Twinkie the Kid was born.” – Mad Dad Congrats to our winners, A-Ball: YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO! Send me your topic and … Continue reading

Finally! A Coloring Book You Can Relate To!

Kids. Anyway you slice it, they get to have all the fun in life. Lucky little jerks. Thankfully, the side-splitting and slightly depressing product of Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen’s biting wit and kickbutt illustrations, www.coloringforgrownups.com launched a little over 2 … Continue reading

Pee Wee Herman is Hittin’ the Movie Theatres Again (Not what it sounds like!)

In 1985 Paul Ruebens and a plucky young director named Tim Burton teamed up  to give the world, “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.”One of the greatest cinematic gifts in the history of film. The movie, from the awe-inspiring breakfast machine, to … Continue reading

The Hottest Skank in the Election Game is Back

Callista Gingrich, our future alien overlord, is many things. She’s beautiful, rocks the hail out of the clearance rack at Chico’s, has a helmet mane of bleach-blonde cotton candy, and most importantly, is down to party. You’d think having to hump … Continue reading