7 Sousaphone Marching Band Pile Up Will Make Your ‘Mondays’ Disappear

If you’re like me, you stayed up WAAAAAAY too late last night and are still trying to shake the stink off of today. Good thing a High School band saw into the future and last week decided to gift us with COMEDY … Continue reading

Goodbye, Summer…You Were Truly Hilarious

Happy TUES-the Extreme Day, y’all! Sadly, this Tuesday feels like a Monday due to the fact that most of us were binge-eating barbecue and swimming in buckets of cold brews yesterday as we celebrated Labor Day. Of course, as all of you … Continue reading

I’m In Love (Alternate Title: Extreme Singing!)

I awoke this morning with a ray of sunshine beaming on me. The source of the bright and miraculous light came from my inbox, with a note from reader Rick that said: “This guy was born to be on grouchymuffin.” I … Continue reading