Bikini Body Baby Onesie: Offensive or Hilarious?

A bunch of folks in Mississippi have their knickers in a twist because a department store is selling a onesie that many find awful. I present the offending article… It’s part of the “Wild Child” line from child clothing maker, Bon Bebe. … Continue reading

Stare Into The Face Of A Genius

Picasso, Renoir, Van Gogh…what do these 3 men have in common? They’re a bunch of monkeys slinging paint compared to TRUE ARTIST, Lisa Frank. For those of you who were homeschooled or aren’t Taylor Swift, Lisa Frank is the queen of … Continue reading

Workin’ It.

One week from today Lover fo’ Life leaves for a 2, possibly 3 week business trip to Brazil. Exactly 10 days from now, I’ll be sitting in a Title Company conference room signing away our lives as I close on our house. … Continue reading

Check Out These Hose (Not What it Sounds Like!)

One of the greatest things about being a man is, men aren’t forced to wear pantyhose in a business professional environment. Before I was able to con the universe into letting me be a writer, yours truly was a successful business … Continue reading