Conan Becomes a Texas Deputy, Hilarity Hits Illegal Levels

All week Conan O’Brien has been broadcasting his show from Dallas. The pasty folk hero has been enjoying our fair state, this week he’s taken a “Texas Citizenship Test” from Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki, and become a Mary Kay Consultant … Continue reading

Man Gets Attacked By A Shark, Stitches Himself Up, Then Goes Out For A Beer

Paging Chuck Norris! Mr. Norris, I believe I’ve found you a new primary care physician!   Dr. James Grant, a doctor from New Zealand, makes us all look like a bunch of limp-wristed wimps. Go ahead and pour yourself some chamomile … Continue reading

Burger King Now Sells Diet French Fries (To Tame Your Massive Thighs)

Say there pretty baby, looking to lose a little weight, but you still want to stuff your face with fast food? Until now, most options out there for you taste like air and broken will power. I say “until now,” because starting … Continue reading

Bear and Lion Fight Over Elderly Man (Happy Monday!)

69-year-old Robert Biggs is a mountain hiking enthusiast from Paradise, California. He lives and loves to go on long hikes. Work it Pepaw! Last Monday, Robert had the GREATEST Monday in the history of ever. Seems our fit and active … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Texas!

The Republic of Texas was born today 176 years ago, and we’re celebrating at grouchymuffin headquarters! For everyone outside of Texas, March 2, 1836 is the day we declared our independence from Mexico with the Texas Declaration of Independence. As … Continue reading

It’s my BROTHER’S BIRTHDAY, Y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to Angry Baby’s Uncle G$ aka the CREATOR OF CAT SHELVES! Uncle G$ is TUFF AS NAILS he’s like a young CHUCK NORRIS! Fun fact: G$ gave a set of Gary Busey Movies for Christmas one year! … Continue reading