Ranch Dressing in a Keg (Alternate Title: Hidden Valley Retch!)

With Halloween behind us, and showboating Christmas trying to horn in on Thanksgiving’s bounty, companies are already competing for your hard-earned dollars. From gift cards, to limited edition whatnot, it seems like every brand of anything is gearing up to … Continue reading

The Gauntlet

Well hello there my dearest readers! I see you there, toiling away the day after Christmas. While a bunch of lucky jerks get to laze about in fresh fuzzy bathrobes playing with their new gizmos and stuffing their faces with sugary … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: The Darkest of Days for Black Peter

The Darkest of Days for Black Peter Last holiday season, I penned a post about the legend of Black Peter. A quick recap: Black Pete – or Zwarte Piet – is a folk character in European Christmas lore. Depending on … Continue reading

Pumpkin Spice Product Update Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Less than two weeks from Thanksgiving and it’s like Christmas for Pumpkin Spice flavored product nut jobs like yours truly. If you are one of my people, you no doubt have the same biological inclination to purchase every single Pumpkin-Spiced flavored product … Continue reading