The Sweet Smell of Processed Cheese and Meat Grease

  Pizza Hut, the culinary sandbaggers of the world, have gone and done it again. Once more the company has decided to completely ignore its target market, AMERICA. Canada, our mild neighbors to the north are some lucky SOBs today. In … Continue reading

Mad Dad Feels His Age: An Exercise in Serenity (A Post By Mad Dad)

  Mad Dad Feels His Age: An Exercise in Serenity I visited some friends recently. Their names are James and Lorena. I went to high school with them and, as the joke goes, we “weren’t really friends” (the joke being, … Continue reading

Introducing the McRibster! (Book Your Flights to Austria NOW)

Leave it to the Austrians to find a way to be more efficiently American. They’ve introduced the Austrian answer to our McRib, say hello to the McRibster! The country that gave us Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mozart, Hitler (whoops!) and Gustav Klimt … Continue reading

The World Has Lost a True Hero

Folks, get out your finest bag of Doritos, paw through the entire dang thing, procure the cheesiest (aka most orange) Dorito you can find and raise it high to the sky for Archer West, the genius inventor of AMERICA’S GREATEST GIFT, the Dorito. In … Continue reading