Know Your Price!

Used car dealer, George Cascone is my hero. In addition to being a stone-cold silver fox, George knows his worth. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Back in 2010, the Kansas City man’s ex-wife hired a hitman to murder him. Dorothy Cascone offered to pay her … Continue reading

Mad Dad Feels His Age: An Exercise in Serenity (A Post By Mad Dad)

  Mad Dad Feels His Age: An Exercise in Serenity I visited some friends recently. Their names are James and Lorena. I went to high school with them and, as the joke goes, we “weren’t really friends” (the joke being, … Continue reading

Angry Year in review: 3 Steps to Conquering Baby Gear.

Those who aren’t parents have little knowledge of baby gear. And you need to thank your lucky stars for that very reason. If you were to ask what the most traumatic thing about the whole pregnancy process, without a doubt … Continue reading