Sparkling Nostalgia: Clearly Canadian is COMING BACK!

Gather ’round kiddies, get out your Bryan Adams CD’s and open up a bag of ketchup flavored chips, I’ve got some wonderful news about a Canadian import many of you out there might fondly remember, CLEARLY CANADIAN! In the early 1990’s, … Continue reading

Best Thing You’ll See All Day: ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ Sung by 19 Different Divas

Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” is musical catnip. The lonely piano in the beginning is all it takes. I hear it, and all else in this world ceases until I’ve enjoyed at least one chorus. It’s also physically impossible for me to … Continue reading

Prepare to Fall in Love, ‘Eye To Eye’

Today has been quite the day in the good ol’ US of A. After the Supreme Court’s striking down of DOMA, and the character assassination of Paula Deen culminated today in real buttered tears, it’s clear that what the world needs … Continue reading

This Was Supposed to be OUR WEEK

Hurricane Sandy was a real vindictive tramp to the eastern seaboard. Home girl wrecked shop, flooded and destroyed everything in her path, it was a nightmare. Months later, people are still rebuilding and recovering from Sandy’s cruel impression of Angela … Continue reading

Post By Lover Fo’ Life: The Decade That Music Died

Good Day, my dearest reader. This fine Wednesday I have quite the treat for you! Lover Fo’ Life, my tonsil hockey partner of over 11 years and world-class curmudgeon, has written a post! I think it goes without being said … Continue reading

The Sweet Smell of Processed Cheese and Meat Grease

  Pizza Hut, the culinary sandbaggers of the world, have gone and done it again. Once more the company has decided to completely ignore its target market, AMERICA. Canada, our mild neighbors to the north are some lucky SOBs today. In … Continue reading