This is the Voice (You Have No Choice.)

For those of you new to class, I watch NBC’s talent carnival, The Voice. I haven’t written a ton about it, because frankly, there’s no NAKIA(!) for me this season. I’m mildly interested this round, but a fanatic by no … Continue reading

Take a Look Inside Skankingham Palace

Christina Aguilera is many things: scream singer, Judge on NBC’s Cee Lo vehicle, The Voice and diva. But above all things, girlfriend is a hot tranny mess skank. Matter of fact, she’s the QUEEN of skanks. Think of her as a Drag Queen Elizabeth. X-Tina loves … Continue reading

Everything I Do, I Do it For You (Even if it Means Watching the Super Bowl)

What would you slacking skanks do without me? I wonder if you’ve ever stopped to consider the extensive research I put into my plops posts? I’ll bet you haven’t. Consider the following, last night I had to comfortably sit on my … Continue reading

Happy CEE LO Sunday!

Happy “Super Bowl Sunday.” You’ll notice I put quotations around the day, as today is NOT Super Bowl Sunday at Casa de Angry Baby, it’s the tail-end of my birthday weekend. I’ve had a great birthday filled with well wishes, laughs, … Continue reading

Guess What Happens in 6 Days!?

We are but mere days away until next Sunday evening, when the WORLD will tune in for the SINGLE-HANDED MOST IMPORTANT TELEVISED EVENT OF THE COMPETITIVE YEAR! I’ve got all of my Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes ready to go, and I’ve … Continue reading

Cee Lo is cool enough to orchestrate a Jaleel White comeback.

NEW CEE LO VIDEO TIME! The latest release off of his monster hit, The Ladykiller, is a song called “Cry Baby” and today he dropped the vid for it. As is everything from my beloved bear with vocal chords of honey, it … Continue reading