This is the Voice (You Have No Choice.)

For those of you new to class, I watch NBC’s talent carnival, The Voice. I haven’t written a ton about it, because frankly, there’s no NAKIA(!) for me this season. I’m mildly interested this round, but a fanatic by no … Continue reading

Take a Look Inside Skankingham Palace

Christina Aguilera is many things: scream singer, Judge on NBC’s Cee Lo vehicle, The Voice and diva. But above all things, girlfriend is a hot tranny mess skank. Matter of fact, she’s the QUEEN of skanks. Think of her as a Drag Queen Elizabeth. X-Tina loves … Continue reading

Everything I Do, I Do it For You (Even if it Means Watching the Super Bowl)

What would you slacking skanks do without me? I wonder if you’ve ever stopped to consider the extensive research I put into my plops posts? I’ll bet you haven’t. Consider the following, last night I had to comfortably sit on my … Continue reading

Happy CEE LO Sunday!

Happy “Super Bowl Sunday.” You’ll notice I put quotations around the day, as today is NOT Super Bowl Sunday at Casa de Angry Baby, it’s the tail-end of my birthday weekend. I’ve had a great birthday filled with well wishes, laughs, … Continue reading

Guess What Happens in 6 Days!?

We are but mere days away until next Sunday evening, when the WORLD will tune in for the SINGLE-HANDED MOST IMPORTANT TELEVISED EVENT OF THE COMPETITIVE YEAR! I’ve got all of my Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes ready to go, and I’ve … Continue reading

Cee Lo is cool enough to orchestrate a Jaleel White comeback.

NEW CEE LO VIDEO TIME! The latest release off of his monster hit, The Ladykiller, is a song called “Cry Baby” and today he dropped the vid for it. As is everything from my beloved bear with vocal chords of honey, it … Continue reading

Everything is coming up Cee Lo.

NBC grew a clue and signed Cee Lo up for season two of The Voice, as quickly as they could, and rightly so. Cee Lo is magic. It’s already been explained on this website of truth and class, that Cee Lo owns it all . … Continue reading

Wimbledon’t ever change. Please.

Thank you Wimbledon, who knew Angry Baby was such a fan? A quiet, not yelling, intently-watching fan. All week, at 10:00am my ANGEL OF THE MORNING, Kathie Lee Gifford, has been kicked to the curb in lieu of people hittin’ … Continue reading

Today is Cee Lo’s Birthday!

Happy birthday to the most interesting man on the Voice yes, I’m still watching, and yes, it’s only for Cee Lo and FRENCHY! Sorry but it still burns my biscuits that REBA(!) is a side kick to the dude who sings … Continue reading

This is the end, my only friend, the end. (That’s all the lyrics I know to that song.)

Welcome back! We sure missed you! HAY did you hear that the Rapture is Saturday? Yep. According to some wing-nut, it’s game over. BUT I could’ve told you that! Why, take a look at these top 50 signs it may be true! Leave … Continue reading