Caption This Winner!

“What do you mean nobody brought a lighter?” – Uncle Fester Thanks to ALL who had the guts to enter a Marijuana-themed Caption This! Guess what? All you degenerates were HILARIOUS! Uncle Fester, you know what to do, send me your topic … Continue reading

Caption This: 4/20 Edition!

Stoners, burnouts, wake and bakers, Nanas with glaucoma, pot-heads, snoop dog, your uncle who always, “smells funny,” are all celebrating April 20th, aka 4/20 which is a world-weed Holiday. How do those go-gettum stoners celebrate the day? By smoking tons of pot … Continue reading

Post on Request: My Top 10 “Guilty” Pleasures

Mad Dad won our latest round of CAPTION THIS, and sent me the following topic… “Crib Keeper’s Top 10 Guilty Pleasures. Food. Music. Movies. TV. Art. Collectibles or crap. Butterfly kisses. Porn. Anything. Everything. I realize that you probably don’t … Continue reading

Our Very Last Caption This Contest Winner (before Christmas!)

“Wait, aren’t we Jewish?” A-Ball Runners up: “You are supposed to match your eyeshadow to the ornaments, not your lipstick. Don’t you know anything about fashion?” – Kid C-Ster “Wow, check out her balls!”- Megan Congrats to all the winners! … Continue reading

It’s our Caption This Contest Winners!

“Keeping the “CHRIST!?!” in Christmas.” – Bex Runners up: “You’re about 2 decades late for the “In Living Color Christmas Special,” Fly Girl.”  A-Ball “Santa’s aversion to any children of his own led Mrs. Claus to a divorce, her cougar … Continue reading

And now, the Caption This Contest Winner!

“5 Bucks says Paterno won’t report this.” -L4L Runners up: “This one time at Band Camp…” – Wondermother “All I want for Christmas is some dignity…at least enough to put on some pants…” -Nicholle Congrats to all the winners! Thanks … Continue reading