These Churro Waffles Will Make Your Cinnamon Buns Massive

  Folks, mark today in your books, it’s a glorious occasion. Today is the day I introduce you to what is hands down the greatest food, let alone breakfast offering in the history of taste buds. Say hello to Chica Chocolatina’s CHURRO … Continue reading

Tater Peelin’ Tuesday: Breakfast For Supper, Because I’m just. That. Far. Behind.

Breakfast for Supper, because I’m  just.  That.  Far. Behind. Well little spuds, it seems as if we’ve survived another week!  The highlights of last week include but are not limited to :   1)  Diary of a Gimpy Kid – see … Continue reading

Say HOWDY to Our NEWEST Writer: Tater Peelin’ Mama!

It’s a new season, y’all! Saturday, marked the return of Autumn, and what better way to celebrate than with the DEBUT article from our NEWEST guest-poster. Meet Tater Peelin’ Mama! Tater is one smart Mammy. In addition to being supremely … Continue reading