Artist Turns R-Rated Movies Into Children’s Book Illustrations

Storyboard Artist Josh Cooley has spent the last decade toiling away for Pixar, but in his free time he does something incredible. Josh illustrates classic scenes from R-rated movies as if they were children’s Golden books. March 1st, Cooley’s very … Continue reading

Rest In Peace, Father of Modern Science Fiction

Ray Bradbury died yesterday after a long illness, he was 91. In honor of my favorite Sci-Fi author (Sorry Arthur C. Clarke,) I’ve embedded a reading of my absolute #1 all-time most loved Bradbury story, “There Will Come Soft Rains.” … Continue reading

Finally! A Coloring Book You Can Relate To!

Kids. Anyway you slice it, they get to have all the fun in life. Lucky little jerks. Thankfully, the side-splitting and slightly depressing product of Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen’s biting wit and kickbutt illustrations, launched a little over 2 … Continue reading

Steinbeck’s Epic Texas Quote

  I’ll admit, the title of this post mimic’s that of one written by an English Teacher trying to trick her students into reading John Steinbeck. But seeing as today is TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY, this post is merely trying to trick … Continue reading