Always Forget

Behold! the most depressing/fascinating infographic ever… xkcd has really brought home the mind f*ck with this little ditty he doodled up. It’s notable/stupid events projected to when the majority of Americans will be too young to remember said event, it’s simply titled: “Forget.” To quote little Sigmund … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: A Guide to Being a Bad Parent

  “I should’ve sent it to the Marx Brothers!”: A guide to being a bad parent  The dirty, dark, smelly secret about parents is that we’re all super self-involved narcissistic jerks. Not unlike Dr. Evil, we long for company in … Continue reading


Happy February 2nd! Today is the day where Punxsutawney Phil (a groundhog) is put out on front street to decide if we’ll get an early spring or 6 more weeks of winter. Year after year, people gather in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania to … Continue reading