Bad Decisions Forever!

Last week Lover Fo’ Life celebrated his 40th birthday. Mace is my counterbalance in the universe, so naturally, he refused the 3-ring circus of a celebration that I had envisioned. Where I love to brag in capital neon, L4L is … Continue reading

Happy 40th Birthday, Cell Phone!

Forty years ago, Motorola Lead Engineer, Dr. Martin Cooper perfected his invention and made the first successful cellular telephone call. Using the prototype for the DynaTAC, Cooper called the head of development for Bell Systems, Motorola’s main competitor at the time.That was April … Continue reading

The Hot Mess Burger Is A Real Thing

I’m going to start this by being very honest with you, I can’t stand Jack in the Box and haven’t eaten at one in years. It’s gross, y’all. But just because I think everything there tastes like diabetes, doesn’t mean … Continue reading