The Most Hilarious Children’s Books That Never Existed

Bob Staake is a living legend in the illustration world. The New Yorker, Mad Magazine and The Wall Street Journal are just a few of the places you might have seen his work. Of course, Bob’s main calling in this … Continue reading

Here’s Some FINE ART to Class Up This Dump!

Happy Tues-the-Extreme day, my beautiful and precious reader. Today is the weekly holiday at grouchymuffin where we devote time to LIVING IN THE EXTREME! And this fine day I have some EXTREME CULTURE AND CLASS lined up for y’all. Artist … Continue reading

Post on Request: Ron F*cking Swanson

Pretty in Pinot won last week’s round of Caption This. For those of you new to our clap-trap hobo parlor of a website, the prize was she could give me a topic, that I would then whittle into a hilarious post just … Continue reading