Adorable Versions of Your Favorite Characters Doing Everyday Stuff

Celebrities, both real and fictitious, are JUST LIKE US! Austin-based artist, Mike Mitchell decided to answer the question, “what do beloved pop cultural characters look like doing normal life things?” Theses precious masterpieces are from Mitchell’s on-going series titled, “Just … Continue reading

Mad Dad’s Review of Arrested Development Season 4

It took me about two months to watch season 4 of Arrested Development, the Netflix’s “semi-original” series released on May 26, 2013 as the long-awaited next installment of the underappreciated comedy series. It took me a long time to knock … Continue reading

The Timberlake Appreciation Society Presents: Fallon Love With JT & Jimmy

Hear that? It’s the sound of Texan students collectively groaning that SPRING BREAK 2013 is officially OVAH. For the record, everyone’s miserable SB’13 is done… commuters are bummed that traffic is back to being a massive clusterf*ck, and School professionals are searching for that … Continue reading

The 200 Best Lines From Arrested Development (You’re Welcome!)

If you’re not an Arrested Development Fan (the television show, not the crappy rap group,) skip this post. But before you leave, please  procure a copy of the series and remedy your deficiency, it’s a great show. Everyone else? Stop … Continue reading

I Can Tell You’re Tense, So Can Chris

Say there baby, you look stressed. Looks like you’ve had a real turd sandwich of a Monday, even though it is a special Moustache Monday. Let me fix that. Say hello to Chris, he would like to rub your entire body … Continue reading

Ben and Jerry’s is publicly wooing me.

Last month, ice creamers Ben and Jerry unveiled the flavor, Schweddy Balls, inspired by the famous Alec Baldwin SNL Skit. I wrote all about it here. And now? Well, it’s becoming clear to me that Ben and Jerry want to make me a diabetic life … Continue reading

Happy Monday, here’s the greatest news in the world!*

* Greatest News in the world for Arrested Development (the show, not the crap rap 90’s band.) Arrested Development is one of the greatest shows in the history of comedic television. The writing was brilliant, the characters were simultaneously vile … Continue reading

Teef Terror 2011: Naked and Raw

Today Queen La-Teef- a is super mad about her chomper pain…she’s awnry y’all! We’ve got two almost completely surfaced chiclets!!! In other news… Of all the lousy ways to save a buck, when will I learn? The other day while shopping at … Continue reading