My Own Private Heck (Starring Daniel Tiger)

Author’s Note: I’ve been meaning to write this post for a very long time.   My Own Private Heck (Starring Daniel Tiger) This week marks the 10 year anniversary of Fred “Mister” Rogers passing. The sweatered old saint has been … Continue reading

Trick Gets Treated (To Rage)

Even though Halloween 2012 is officially over, I still have some horrific delights to share with you. See, I’m fully aware that most of you are ghouls who love to watch Angry Baby’s brutal shenanigans from a comfortable distance. I … Continue reading

After School Special: Hell Week

Hello old friend. While it has only been 4 days since I last sat down before you to crack wise and make cat calls, I stand before you today a completely different person, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Allow me … Continue reading

Rest in Peace, Jerry Nelson

Legendary Muppeteer Jerry Nelson passed away at the age of 78. Jerry worked with Jim Henson on a variety of projects and voiced famous Muppets such as Robin the frog, Lew Zealand, Camilla the Chicken, and Floyd Pepper. But Nelson is most … Continue reading

Monkey See, Monkey Snore

While most of the time spent here on this ship of fools is devoted to: elaborate fart jokes, cheap leering, junk food and whoopie cushions, we must never lose sight that this was and will always be my personal blog. As … Continue reading

Wang Beads, That is All

Pretty sure CPS is going to beat down my door after this post, but it’s too embarassing hilarious not to share. As a professional gutter skank and drunk girl about town, I thoroughly enjoyed my 20’s. And while the sky-high bar tabs, … Continue reading

I Can’t Quit You, Baby.

For over a year, I’ve thrown my musings about babywrangling all over this here internet. Oh sure, our website is mainly devoted to binge drinking and sleazy winks, but I’ve consistently kept you updated on my very furious and demanding daughter, Angry Baby. … Continue reading

After School Special: Revelations

Yesterday I recounted my tale of thwarting a home invasion. I explained that a group of 3 or 4 older teen thugs attempted to enter my home at nearly 2:00am last Thursday while Angry Baby slept and I happened to be … Continue reading

Extremely Precious:15 Minute Old Baby Gives Dad the Finger

Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day, my beautiful babies! Today we delve into the realm of the EXTREME. Me? I’m celebrating our weekly holiday by being EXTREMELY PRODUCTIVE. Between helping Lover fo Life pack for his trip to Brazil (I take him to … Continue reading