Chocolate Toothpaste: Go Home Crest, You’re Drunk

Good oral hygiene. In addition to being the cornerstone of health and beauty, a bright and shining smile is the quickest way to get a random stranger to buy you a wine spritzer at your favorite singles bar. For decades, Crest brand … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Vets Day

I work in a marketing department of a company. Part of my job is to act as “liaison” (for lack of a better word) of a company that sells a discount card to veterans and their families for services and … Continue reading

The Freedom Flask, Because This is America

Say there pretty baby, have you ever wished that you could secretly store an entire bottle of booze at crotch level? Well, your hopes and wishes are finally coming true, say hello to the Freedom Flask! Frat boys, drunk Uncles, the Kennedy Clan, … Continue reading

When Do The Lies Stop, Pizza Hut!?

Pizza Hut, the AMERICAN CREATED chain of cheese-slinging pizza joints, made news on my humble little drunk tank of a website 2 weeks ago when it was revealed that the Pizza jerks created a HOTDOG STUFFED CRUST PIZZA (complete with … Continue reading

EXTREME CRISIS! Alternate title: CONSUME TWINKIES, you Ding Dongs!

I wish I had a better note to start off your Tues-the-Extreme Day on, but there’s a business and financial crisis that we must devote our entire focus and energy on fixing. Hostess, the snack cake brand that houses hilariously … Continue reading

Neil Diamond= Happy Independence Day, AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday AMERICA, OUR Country, tis of thee!!!  I’ve got a bevy of yuk-yuks comin’ attcha today, but I thought I would get the party started with a little NEIL DIAMOND! I love Neil, always have always will, who was the 3 … Continue reading

Ghost Host Guest Post by Movie Dude: Lee Greenwood…the Music Video

  So I was reading the Crib Keeper’s post on Mr. Greenwood yesterday and I decided to saunter over to youtube and see if there was actually a video made.  I don’t mean a slideshow of your sunburned family with … Continue reading