We Tried It: Rebooted SURGE Soda

Last week, I wrote all about Coca-Cola finally caving to nostalgic internet demand and reviving the product SURGE soda. If you haven’t done the required reading, I’ll wait: do so now.  I promised you, fateful readers, that the moment my precious … Continue reading

Things That Now Exist: The Sock Monkey Kama Sutra

Thousands of years ago, that old slut Vatsyayana rocked the Sanskrit and wrote a definitive guidebook on human sexual behavior, The Kama Sutra. Filled with positions and general relationship advice, the book has been in rotation ever since. Over the … Continue reading

Beverly Hills Teens, a Primer (My Apologies to L4L)

Dear L4L, Hey there pretty baby. You and I were just chatting on our cellular telephones to one another, and I told you I was going to write about the Most Hilarious Bank Teller in the WORLD. Well, after our conversation … Continue reading

Happy Cyber Monday!

Greetings my beautiful babies! I have returned from a week at the Family Ranch and I’ve got some real yuk-yuks to share. But before we get to all of that, apparently the rest of America went bonkers on BLACK FRIDAY(!) Some … Continue reading

You Know You Need This…

HAPPY “TUES THE EXTREME” TUESDAY MID-AFTERNOON!!!!!!!! I thought I would cement this as the BEST DAY OF YOUR WEEK SO FAR (!) by passing on this lil’ tidbit of info… Season two of Webster, the CLASSIC(!) television situational comedy, starring EMMANUEL LEWIS(!!) is … Continue reading