The Timberlake Appreciation Society Presents: LIVE FROM NEW YORK!

Justin Timberlake is many things to our humble Timberlake Appreciation Society, the FIRST internet society devoted to proving that Justin Timberlake is worthy of adoration. He’s a fashion Icon.   A musical virtuoso, with sexy lady-falsetto. Terrible at making wife choices. Always … Continue reading

Goodbye, Greatest Television Situational Comedy In the History of Ever

  30 Rock’s Series Finale airs Tonight. Blerg. The Tina Fey created Tracy Morgan vehicle has been a staple on my DVR for the last 7 years. I’ll admit, the first few episodes fell flat with me, but all that … Continue reading

A.B.C. Always Be Closing

One of Alec Baldwin’s greatest and most infamous roles, is that of Blake, the brass ball-holding demon sent from corporate in the 1992 film, Glengarry Glen Ross. In an abusive and perfectly written monologue, Blake explains that the key to a successful … Continue reading

I laughed until I cried when I saw this… I don’t know what it was about this skit, but Baldwin had my cheeks cramping from guffawing NON-STOP. Just some of my fave quotes: “I used to call him my HEBRO!!!” “Stone-cold blind!” “I looked down and her cullotes … Continue reading

The most delicious (and hilarious) Ice Cream Flavor, Ever.

Saturday Night Live and Ice Cream go together like Alec Baldwin and hosting, Saturday Night Live, that is. The hippies at Ben and Jerry’s have another stoner food hit delicious ice-cream flavor on their hands with the newest LIMITED flavor… … Continue reading