These Geeky Easter Eggs Are EGGCELLENT (Sorry, Couldn’t Resist!)

Easter Weekend is upon us y’all! No matter if you’re a believer or an eye-roller, we all can agree that millions of marshmallow Peeps will be massacred and next week the office fridge will stink of egg salad. Me? I’m … Continue reading

Adventure Time Inspired Artwork is Positively Mathematical

Los Angeles Pop Culture purveyors, Gallery 1988, are at it again. The champions of art are currently showcasing masterpieces inspired by Pendleton Ward’s genius series, Adventure Time.  If you aren’t watching Adventure Time, please consider falling down the candy-colored acid … Continue reading

Cheeky and Geeky Valentines You’ll Fall in Love With

Remember when we were kids and Valentine’s Day meant a party in our classroom where we were obligated to give every last kid in class (even the smelly ones) a punched out piece of cardboard with punny sentiments and cruddy … Continue reading

These Cray-Cray Crayon Sculptures are Incredible

Artist Hoang Tran is a talented and incredible sculptor whose preferred medium is the humble crayon. But homedude isn’t drawing with these babies, he’s sculpting them into tiny figures from pop culture. Because the only thing that’s missing from your glorious … Continue reading

Flintstone Animal Tools Rule

Since 2006, I’ve had the pleasure of working from home.  I’ll admit, with the occasional meeting, ignored deadlines and writing emails in my underwear, It’s been a pretty sweet gig until 9 months ago, when I added a second job… My second … Continue reading

Say hello to your new favorite cartoon.

Yesterday and today on Cartoon Network, is having an  Adventure Time, marathon. My DVR is stacking ’em deep. Adventure Time’s new season starts the 11th, so that’s why you and I have the opportunity to catch up on this future cartoon … Continue reading