Swiminist Suits that Provide Equal Opportunity WTF

Summer 2017 has quickly established itself as the summer of WTF fashion, especially for the menfolk. Between rompHIMs, lace shorts, and Ken Doll man-buns, the boys have provided lotsa laffs for our collective internet community. But what about the ladies, … Continue reading

Happy Independence Day, America!

What better way to celebrate than with a super-simple, yet fabulous recipe DIRECTLY FROM MY KITCHEN! This 4th of July, why don’t you be a hero AND celebrate the crippling obesity epidemic with my BANANA PUDDING CASSEROLE! Yes, I call … Continue reading

My web-site ’tis of thee, sweet time wasting fool-er-y, of thee I type!

Happy FRIDAY Boils and Ghouls! It’s almost AMERICA TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s delare our independence from boredom, grouchymuffin.com style! The greatest nation ever is celebrating its INDEPENDENCE DAY this weekend, and in AMERICA’s honor, I’m bringing you only the finest patriotic gems! … Continue reading