Karen Walker, Motivational Speaker

With her luscious brunette locks, penchant for guzzling gin, and razor sharp wit, it’s no surprise that Karen Walker from tv’s Will & Grace, is my spirit animal. For those of you too busy at church to know who she is, … Continue reading

Tracy Jordan Motivational Posters Are Just What You Need to Kick 2015 in the Egg Basket

Hello there, my name is Cribsy. You might recognize me from previous dispatches of foolery and world-class fart jokes on this Hobo Parlor of a website. After taking my sweet-assed time, I’ve decided to start posting again on this time-wasting journey into … Continue reading

Art at Your Fingertips (Alternate Title: NAILED IT!)

Kayleigh O’Connor is an artist based in the United Kingdom and had a slight problem biting her nails when she was a teenager, so she began wearing fake nails, that was a decade ago.  In the years since, Kayleigh decided … Continue reading

Goodbye, Greatest Television Situational Comedy In the History of Ever

  30 Rock’s Series Finale airs Tonight. Blerg. The Tina Fey created Tracy Morgan vehicle has been a staple on my DVR for the last 7 years. I’ll admit, the first few episodes fell flat with me, but all that … Continue reading

That’s Meth’d Up!

Say there, do you fine folks know where a young bon vivant like Mr. Aaron D. Templeton of Lewiston, Idaho could procure a smattering of Methamphetamine? You don’t? No bother. Aaron’s got a plan of his own, he’s a take-charge kinda … Continue reading

Post on Request: Thoughts on the current state of TV.

For those of you living under a rock, last Friday I unveiled our 2nd Caption this contest. After a ton of comedic gems dropped on the comments section, reader Mark was judged to be the winner. The prize? A post on … Continue reading