Peace on Earth

The following is quite possibly my favorite MGM cartoon, ever. Please enjoy this treat from me to you. I love you all (even those of you reading this in your underwear.) Merry Christmas, Xmas, Happy Hanukkah, Good Yule, Happy Kwanzaa, anyway … Continue reading

I’m not one to brag. Oh wait, yes I am.

This past weekend the L4L and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with  the “7 YEARS in Heaven Anniversary Weekend Celebration Spectacular(!)” It was glorious. We rode the MEAT TRAIN (not what it sounds like!) Friday afternoon, swung by Jojo’s for her momma’s … Continue reading

Peace out Angry Baby, Again.

Last Friday, I explained I was going to enjoy a much-needed day off from Angry Baby (see post: It’s not me, It’s you.) Here’s a quick “update” The never-ending Pasta Bowl was served by the creepiest waiters, yes there were … Continue reading

Thank you, Travel and Leisure Magazine.

It’s no mystery I’ve been down in the dumps today. Well, thanks to the judgmental jerks at Travel and Leisure Magazine, things are looking up. WAY UP! You see, my 3 most favorite cities IN THE WORLD, New York, New … Continue reading

All the More Reason He Needs to Direct Angry Baby’s Baptism Video

I LOVE QUENTIN TARANTINO! He’s the greatest director  of all time(!) He’s the greatest SCREENWRITER of all time(!!) He’s A 70’s POPCULTURE encyclopedia*(!!!) If you’re sensing a trend here, you are correct: HE CAN DO NO WRONG in the Crib … Continue reading

Step Brothers 2 coming soon? YES PLEASE! So apparently, there is no hope for “Anchorman 2,” and I’m ok with that. However, there is some hinting that there will be a sequel for “Step Brothers,” which in my opinion is one of the funniest films of ALL … Continue reading