Leftover Swap App Will Empty the Fridge and Fill Your Heart

It will come as no surprise to you, my dear readers, that yours truly is a first class jerk in real life. Taking delight when people fall, farting on elevators just as I exit, and cutting drivers off in traffic are … Continue reading

Foxy Senior Citizens of the World, this one’s for YOU!

I’ll bet you didn’t know, but STD’s among the elderly is a nationwide issue. Thanks to boner enhancing advances in modern medicine (and better health,) old folks are gettin’ it on more often and with more partners, one problem: they’ve been … Continue reading

Presented Without Comment: Boys Boys Boys (Girls Rock!)

Vanity videos. Is there any more entertaining form of parental excess? Last year, Rebecca Black’s spoiled screams skyrocketed to the top of internet infamy with her festering boil of a single, “Friday.” Hate it or really hate it, you’ve got to admit…that … Continue reading

Peace on Earth

The following is quite possibly my favorite MGM cartoon, ever. Please enjoy this treat from me to you. I love you all (even those of you reading this in your underwear.) Merry Christmas, Xmas, Happy Hanukkah, Good Yule, Happy Kwanzaa, anyway … Continue reading

Holy Crap, this is an OIL PAINTING!

I’m gonna blow your mind this morning (getyourmindoutofthegutter!) The painting you are looking at, yes…the OIL PAINTING you’re staring at rite now was just voted the “Best Painting,” by the public visiting the London National Portrait Gallery. The painting, (YES … Continue reading

I’m not one to brag. Oh wait, yes I am.

This past weekend the L4L and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with  the “7 YEARS in Heaven Anniversary Weekend Celebration Spectacular(!)” It was glorious. We rode the MEAT TRAIN (not what it sounds like!) Friday afternoon, swung by Jojo’s for her momma’s … Continue reading

Tiny Tot’s Top Toys! (C’mon all our titles can’t be winners.)

I find myself floored at how much baby gear we thought we needed that ended up being useless.  I could go on and on about the scams and snake-oils peddled by Babies r’ Us and the like, and I will…but … Continue reading

The most beautiful hurricane footage ever.

Leave it to New York to have cool footage of annoying Irene. Buffalo Picture House’s Felix Thompson and Brandon Roots risked life and limb (not really) by walking the streets of NYC in the hopes of finding some interesting film. … Continue reading

Just ask for extra donut holes…

Talk about TUES-the-EXTREME day, extreme productivity! A New Jersey woman is out to teach us a thing or two about multi-tasking. Melissa Redmond, a 29-year old Dunkin’ Donuts employee from Mine Hill, New Jersey, was arrested in a sting operation called, I kid … Continue reading