Post On Request: When Everyone Wins, Everyone Loses

Sammy won last week’s Caption This contest, and here is the prize topic he sent me to write about. “Why does every kid get a trophy. We need to stop promoting mediocrity. Kids need to learn to deal with, or … Continue reading

Post on Request: Bronies. Yes, It’s A Thing

L4L Won last week’s Caption This contest with a hilarious nod to the Brony. His prize post on request was simple:  “I want it all about the Brony.” According to the Urban Dictionary the definition of a Brony is: “Teenage … Continue reading

Post on Request: My Top 10 “Guilty” Pleasures

Mad Dad won our latest round of CAPTION THIS, and sent me the following topic… “Crib Keeper’s Top 10 Guilty Pleasures. Food. Music. Movies. TV. Art. Collectibles or crap. Butterfly kisses. Porn. Anything. Everything. I realize that you probably don’t … Continue reading

Post on Request: Ron F*cking Swanson

Pretty in Pinot won last week’s round of Caption This. For those of you new to our clap-trap hobo parlor of a website, the prize was she could give me a topic, that I would then whittle into a hilarious post just … Continue reading

Post on Request: Madonna, Breastaurant Consultant

Congrats to reader Sammy, who won our latest round of Caption This! Sammy is a since pre-school friend. He’s a Man’s man who also happens to be hilarious. Anymacho, Sammy sent me the following topics… “Topic- Madonna hang it up or … Continue reading

Please Help Control the Busybody Population, Have Your Tongue Spayed or Neutered

Reader Taryn won our latest round of the Caption This contest, her prize was the ability to name any topic on which I would write a post around. Here’s what she sent me: So I started following your blog when … Continue reading

Post On Request: The 10 Worst Songs of the 90’s

Greetings everyone. As you know by now, our little clap-trap hobo parlor of a website has a weekly Caption This contest where the prize is a post written on whatever topic the winner desires. This week, reader Chrispy knocked it out of the … Continue reading

The Lucky Turkey Joke Stand Forever

Reader ABAuntie won our latest caption this contest, and as you know by now, the prize for winning is simple: I write a post based solely on a topic she gave me. Upon learning of her win, she messaged me last … Continue reading

Post on Request: ICON-NERY

I never know what I’m going to get as a topic when I choose my “Caption This!” winners…sometimes I’m left scrambling to learn about a topic that I can then in turn cobble into yuk yuks. Others? Well, there are those … Continue reading