Finally, A Three-Way Your Nana Will Approve Of (Alternate Title: SHIRT OF LIES)

Howdy strangers! It’s been a dog’s age since I decided to churn out the ha-has at this ramshackled joke shanty. The truth of the matter is, years of summertime dicking around has left my work ethic at a near zero … Continue reading

Post On Request: My Favorite Disney Attraction

Uncle Fester almost made me spit out my Yoo-Hoo with his winning caption in last week’s caption this contest. His prize, as it is for every winner each week, was a post on request. The topic Fester gave me was … Continue reading

Post On Request: Ebay, Where the Freaks Play

I’ve been a proud ebayer since 2001. In my eleven years trolling the site for stuff I don’t need, I’ve been witness to every nook and eBay cranny. For example, my favorite category is called, “Weird Stuff.” In this subset … Continue reading

Post On Request: Cribsy’s Top Ten Favorite Flicks

Reader Taryn R. won our latest round of Caption This, and gave me the following topic: “your top 10 favorite movies of all time and why” Being as I’m never one to shy away from talking about myself, I am … Continue reading

Post On Request: Happy Moustache Monday!

Reader A-Ball won last week’s caption this contest and for his prize post on request, he decided to plea for a special day in lieu of a post. “I’d like a Moustache Monday devoted to guys like me, who are facial-hair challenged. … Continue reading

The Things I Endure For You: Adam Lambert Edition

Reader Eric requested a review of the newly released video for Adam Lambert’s single, “Never Close Our Eyes,” and seeing as I’ll do just about anything you needy hookers want, I decided to oblige. In order to understand the rest … Continue reading

Post On Request: I Got Worms

Reader Misty is enjoying a birthday today and almost two weeks ago sent me the following POST ON REQUEST: “What do you think about the tapeworm diet and those who think it is a good idea?” Let me just start … Continue reading

Post On Request: Vacation Dad

I love Walt Disney World. I’ve visited the Resort (because diehards like me refuse to call it a THEME PARK) numerous times. Many would call it an obsessive amount, but not me…I can’t wait to rack up more trips.  Maybe … Continue reading

Post On Request: Disinterest

Mansfield Counseling won our latest round of caption this, his request was simple. “What do you think about Pinterest?” Post On Request: Disinterest Over a year ago, a girlfriend of mine start emailing me random dispatches from something called “Pinterest.” … Continue reading