Post By Mad Dad: Big Star, Little City

Big Star, Little City I live in a city called Midlothian. It is the “Cement Capitol of Texas,” in case you didn’t know. Which you probably didn’t. The city itself would like to brand itself as the “Southern Star of … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Millennials Are The Worst (When Did We Get Old?)

The Millennials Are The Worst (When Did We Get Old?) An alarming thing has happened. We’ve gotten old. To be clear, The Wife has suddenly turned ancient. Over the past year she’s turned her crosshairs upon the Millennial generation, or Generation Y. (Full … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Die Hard Is Not A Christmas Movie (And Other Musings)

Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. I say that a lot. I don’t say it as an expert on Die Hard, Bruce Willis or action movies. I say that as an expert on Christmas movies. However, I have seen … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Hey Hey, JFK

Hey hey, JFK I just talked to a co-worker about certain details of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and it was odd because he apparently didn’t know very many details. Then I thought, “Well, hell, he was born in … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Whatever Happened To Thora Birch?

The Yahoo! homepage gets me every time with those rotating story banners with the clever headlines that more often than not get me to click. “Man deemed too fat to fly.” “Rare mammal sighted.” “Unusual family portrait.” “Walmart’s holiday news.” … Continue reading

He Did the Monster Mash (A Post By Mad Dad)

After much deliberation, I’m prepared to deem “Monster Mash” the greatest holiday-themed song in the history of recorded sound. What gives the authority? First of all, it was MY arch-nemesis from college that started a blog and allowed me to … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Ran-dumb Thoughts

Ran-dumb Thoughts, By Jack Handy Mad Dad    I used to think Jimmy Fallon was a rather talentless hack, and then I thought to myself the other day, “Is Jimmy Fallon one of the most original and funny INNOVATORS on TV? … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Videogamedrone

  Videogamedrone: Kart is caring   I talked with my brother-in-law recently and he said his one regret was promoting video games to his son. This admission came at a high-water mark for my nephew.  He had just graduated high … Continue reading