Out Of Africa Part 10: What I Learned On My Summer Vacation

A year ago my dear friend Barbara asked me to join her doing mission work in Kenya, naturally, I scoffed and promised to “support and pray for her from the United States.” FabBab, as I call her on this blog, … Continue reading

Out Of Africa Part 9: Churchin’ It Up

The crystalline Sunday morning brought out a beauty that I thought not possible; all throughout our trip, I found myself agape to Kenya’s breathtaking vistas, but the lush splendor of this new day was something extra special. The breeze encouraged us as we hiked up … Continue reading

Out Of Africa Part 8: Margaret and Ayub

“Good morning to my white mother.” “Good morning to my half-black daughter!” Already awakened by the siren call of a full bladder, I did a double take. Looking up from the bunk I saw Gina, a pint sized mom, and … Continue reading

Out Of Africa Part Seven: Dreams Come True

I felt the anticipation of Christmas morning, my stomach flipped somersaults while I figeted through breakfast. Today was the day we had traveled across the world for; day two of teaching the brilliant and exceedingly respectful students at the Ngchi … Continue reading

Out of Africa Part 5: The Dress

Out of Africa: The Dress Day two at Haven was our first full one. I hobbled out of bed and started getting ready, the punishing firmness of my bottom bunk torture mattress decided to remind me that I was no longer … Continue reading

Out of Africa Part 4: Haven on the Hill

“Listen guys, I just have one last bit of advice,” FabBab announced at the Pre-Kenya packing party one week before we left for our trip. “You really need to shift what your perceptions of poverty are; you’d be surprised what is considered … Continue reading

Out of Africa Part Three: Into the Wild

When we last spoke, I was running my dearest FabBab down for painting such a horrid Pre-Kenya expectation, and while her travel ambassador cred is down the toilet, I can’t be mad. After all, Barb invited me on this journey; … Continue reading

Out of Africa Part Two: Kenya, Believe it!

  Kenya, Believe it! “When we land in Nairobi, we’ll have to catch a bus to baggage pickup. Make sure to use the restroom on the plane before we debark, because the airport restrooms are smelly squatting holes.” Shocked, I … Continue reading