Angry Baby has not been well since Saturday. It started as any normal day, she graced our home with her usual 5:30am screaming baby alarm clock, that we’ve come to dread cherish…yes, on a Saturday. Angry Baby has no use for opressing … Continue reading

Microblog within a Blog: Jojo and Baby on the Gogo!

Talk about starting the day on an adorable note, it’s time for the MICROBLOG WITHIN A BLOG!!! Here’s the latest installment of Jojo on the Gogo!!! Jojo and Baby on the Gogo microblog about a trip far away from the scorching … Continue reading

Jem is her name, no one else is the same.

It’s Tip o’ The Stetson Time Again! Yesterday at lunch with Rooster and Jem, Angry Baby did some new tricks…some were treats, other’s were big ol’ turds. Trick #1 Screaming.  She started a new form of screaming beyond her usual gruff growl, … Continue reading

Breakin’ it down: “Ladies Nite In”

Well, I’ve finally put that little cutie down long enough to fill-in the none of you that were waiting to hear all about my exploits with Mojo and FabBabs Friday night. I learned some very important lessons that, of course, being … Continue reading